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A list of website builders that allows you to design and build a website without coding..

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A list of websites that allows you to easily purchase domains at a low cost price.

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A list of tools that allows you to build an app without any coding neccesary.

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A list of tools that easily allows you to create online forms and surveys.

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A list of tools to help you outsource certain task or obtain freelance jobs.

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A list of tools to help you improve your customer relationships.

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A list of tools to help you create your own online gallery to show off your work to fans, or even catch the eye of a new client.

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A list of tools that enables you to easily design posters, social media photgraphy and promotional materials..

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A list of tools that helps you to amplify your social media presence.

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A list of tools to help you boost your PR efforts.

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A list of tools to help you create newsletters and email campaigns.

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A list of tools to assess the perfomance and progress of your project.

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  • Smallchat is different from your typical live chat plugin: It was built it for the little guys. The freelancer. The local business, the small team launching a side project. That means Smallchat has a free tier with no limits on the number of visitors, conversations, contacts, or operators. Smallchat uses Slack's (Slack is also free to download) threads feature to keep all your conversations in one channel, so Smallchat doesn’t clutter up your Slack team with a bunch of new channels. ​It's super simple to add to your website and you can customise the look to go with your sites branding. Website: www.small.chat
  • Collect.Chat is a user-friendly chatbot builder tool that lets users create chatbots for websites as an alternative to static web forms and sales representatives in engaging and interactive visitors. This application lets you create chatbots within minutes and users don’t need to be expert in coding to use the software. With Collect.Chat, companies and individuals are able to gather more information from their visitors, generate and track more leads, and improve conversion. The application automates everything. Apart from generating leads, Collect.Chat is an ideal platform for building email lists, scheduling sales meetings, gathering feedbacks, executing surveys and much more. Website: www.collect.chat
  • Founded in 2015, Crisp is a relatively new entrant to the live chat space. They offer live chat, email and messaging campaigns and a knowledge base, amongst other features. The application lacks some polish in a few areas. For example, some of the translations in the area are not great. Big companies may also struggle with a the lack of a Teams feature if they want to route chats to different teams. For most people though, these things will not be deal breakers. Crisp has very straightforward pricing without any hidden extras, or variable pricing based on the number of messages you send, or leads that you track. Website: https://crisp.chat/


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